About Us

Guridoon.com is the Horn of Africa most comprehensive property website, focused on empowering users in Somaliland looking to buy, sell, or let quality properties with the resources they need to make better-informed property decisions. We help consumers both find their next home and research the market by combining hundreds up to thousands of property listings with market data, local information and community tools.


Culture and people

We believe that inspired teams naturally provide excellent and dedicated customer service. Therefore, we’ve created a workplace where everyone is invited to contribute to the success of our business and where they’re rewarded for excellence. Our training and development programs create the finest estate agents in the industry with a clear focus on professionalism, integrity and a strong work ethic.  The result is that our people are highly motivated to deliver exceptional results for customers.


Our competitive advantage

At Guridoon.com everything we do is aimed at providing an effective medium for users looking to buy, sell, rent or let quality properties. Our success is built on delivering exceptional results for our customers. Our reputation as leading Somaliland property finders and our relationships with local estate agents means that we get priority and often get to know about properties that have not yet come.  Our service eliminates the stresses of house hunting, speeds up the process, and helps secure homes at the right price. Our people are both expert and committed to excelling for our customers giving them the confidence of knowing that they will be dealing with a company that has undertaken to treat them fairly if problems arise, and deliver customer service standards that go beyond minimum legal requirements.


Why chose us?

At Guridoon.com everything we do is aimed at providing an effective medium for users looking to buy, sell, rent or let quality properties. We have an inherent passion for our local area, strong ties to our community and an intimate understanding of our market. We believe personal interaction is a crucial part of ensuring every client is matched to the property that suits their needs best. Our portfolio of listings ensures our sales team can give a truly exclusive level of service. We build long-term relationships, which allow us to provide personalized, clear and considered advice on all areas of property in all key markets.

If you are looking forward to buying or selling a home/land, please contact us. We are a gateway to your dream home.


Our Vision

The vision of Guridoon.com is to achieve the highest possible standard in the real estate market, and to be the most preferred real estate Company in Somaliland. We aim to make real estate in Somaliland more accessible.


Our Mission

To provide the most quality service, it is our goal and responsibility to provide personalized service and commitment that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


Our Core Values

-  Honesty

-  Quality service

-  Self- Respect

-  Give back to the community

-  Low commission

You can reach us: Info@guridoon.com